Tools and Steps to Combat Bullying and Title IX in Esports

Research Track

10/09/20, 12:30PM - 1:00PM PT

About the Presentation

Educators, students and parents alike are growingly concerned about two substantive challenges regarding esports that prevent it from being both a healthy and inclusive environment: Bullying/Harassment and Health & Safety. Recent articles have suggested that, if left unaddressed, bullying could lead to a potential Title IX issue for schools and colleges. Further, recent studies have identified that more than half of college gamers experience medical-related issues from prolonged play. We’ll address practical steps to address each of these issues, and showcase some new technology helping to make esports play at schools a safe and healthy environment – a must for any school or college wanting to ensure their esports efforts continue to thrive.

Elliott Levine

Chief Product Officer, Healthy Player ONE

Elliott Levine is Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of Healthy Player ONE, and Chief Academic Officer for STS Education, a national educational technology services firm. Formerly the first Distinguished Technologist in Education Technology at Hewlett Packard, Elliott is a past school district official, adjunct professor, columnist, and sought-after global keynote speaker in the edtech vertical. He was named among the inaugural list of “Top 100 Influencers in EdTech” by EdTech Digest.