The way to link México and Esports (Anahúac University Esports)

Middle & High School Track

10/09/20, 10:30AM - 11:00AM PT

About the Presentation

As Anahuac México university wants to be the main representative of educational Esports, we´ve developed an integral and major system to approach the world of Esports in Mexico and the Ibero-American region.

We have three linking projects that represent our goals and approach to Esports and their development.

We have goals and expectations beyond imagination, and working hand in hand with NASEF we will be the change for a new system in education that allows students to learn and improve trough their own creativity and interests. We are telling you how we are doing it, the future of our actions, and the particular way to develop esports with Mexican educators and students.

The first link would be Prepa League, the competitive and energetic side, it’s the major league in Mexico for competitive high school level Esports being represented by an educational institution. We have competitive and friendly events for the students that want to start competing and improving their capabilities and understanding of Esports, and the possibility of reaching higher education through achievements in competition and interactions with other players and institutions. We are launching the 2020 season, for which we are already working in expanding the amount of educational institutions and communities, through educators and Com managers.

For our second link, we have the education based, Ibero-american association of education and electronic sports, the bridge between innovation in education and scholastic programs and Esports, our goal with it, is to develop, promote and expand educational Esports, trough different events, programs and courses for educators, directors of educational institutions and students themselves. We want to help them start their own communities that connect with the ones of other institutions through the association, generating an ever growing central force behind educational Esports in the region, offering opportunities to learn and improve constantly.

The third and connecting link is Anahuac Esports of which you already know, conformed by our representative teams for different Esport games that promote and represent our values in national level competitions. Anahuac Esports supports AIEDE with the knowledge and personnel to support institutions that want to learn and interact with Esports with a brand backup that represents educational Esports, while supporting Prepa League as a road to professional participation supported with an educational path for students future.

David Amaro

Educational linking director,
Anahuac University Esports

Lic. David Amaro Ruiz was born and raised in México. He grew up as an aspiring athlete, but life had another path for him, and after injuries and a couple other problems he changed goals and followed his path as an administrator and director of sports enterprises. He graduated due to hard work, support from family, as well as a scholarship provided by the university. As a professional the opportunities that showed up as well as his own interests lead him to Esports. While he started with a semi-pro team in college, he knew he could help develop the whole Esports community as a whole, co-developing the Anahuac Mexico Esports program for high schools in the form of PrepaLeague and AIEDE. He now invests his time oin scholastic Esports and how to present them all around the country.

Igor Rubio Sosa, PhD

Director of the school of sports sciences,
Anahuac Mexico University

PhD of sports science.
PhD in direction of institutions of higher education.
Education and leadership specialist.
Director at the Faculty of Sports Sciences