The IT of Esports: District Prep to Classroom Management

Middle & High School Track

10/09/20, 2:00PM - 2:30PM PT

About the Presentation

Scholastic esports is here. From a former school district IT staff to a 20 year computer science teacher, I will share my 12 year esports program IT logistics to help you as a teacher and your school/district to support esports so that students benefit and you have peace of mind. From blocking games during class time, server access, to technology equity via grants and older machines.

Leonard Moreno

Instructor, Antelope Valley Union High School District

Leonard Moreno is committed to student success inside of the classroom and outside his community. Previously in the military, an IT professional, and now as a 20-year educator, he holds many IT certifications and a degree in IT. Starting as district IT tech and then becoming an a CTE Instructor, he has always looked at education as a ‘game’ whereas learning must be participation and failure towards mastery. Leonard can be described as a visionary teacher, always looking to be participate in the future in his classroom today. For example, started an esports course/league in 2008 to increase enrollment to IT and investigate the potential of esports in academia. Since the 80’s, enjoys video games as his main entertainment especially in VR, and very much is in love with his wife of 26 years and three daughters all whom game together. He can be contacted on Discord at "aav-virtualtech#4364".