Student Perspectives:
Future of High School Scholastic Esports

Middle & High School Track

10/09/20, 4:00PM - 4:30PM PT

About the Presentation

Are you wondering where Scholastic Esports is going next? Let’s ask the future leaders of our educational community! Join Jorrel Batac and Angelique Gianas in an engaging conversation with NASEF students and alumni as they share their perspectives on the future of Scholastic Esports in schools. We will explore how being part of the NASEF community has provided them with unique opportunities to connect with their peers, pursue their passions, and discover their purpose.

Angelique Gianas

English Teacher, Helix Charter High School

Angelique Gianas is an English Teacher at Helix Charter High School in San Diego, California. Her passion lies in creating meaningful relationships with her students and teaching engaging lessons with their interests in mind. Angelique received her BA in English in 2014 and her MA in Teaching in 2019, both from San Diego State University. She was SDSU College of Education's Outstanding Graduate of 2019 for her work at Helix and in the master's program. Angelique founded Helix's competitive esports and casual gaming clubs, which host 60+ students each week. Her dream is to create and teach a Gaming As Literature course to encourage students to explore the literary depth of some of the best video games.

Jorrel Batac

Esports Scholastic Instructional Coach/Curriculum Specialist, NASEF & Orange County Department of Education

Jorrel holds a BA in Human Development and a CTE Credential. He grew his roots as an instructor for various non-profits, taught English in South Korea, volunteered as a virtual educator for students in India, and designed a statewide STEM enrichment program for expanded learning centers in California. Jorrel now leads NASEF’s Scholastic Fellow Program as the Esports Scholastic Instructional Coach with the role of building educator capacity and supporting their instructional practices as integrated with Scholastic Esports. When not at work, he loves gaming with the wife, designing and playing in the future: spending his time UAV tinkering, 3D printing, and exploring virtual reality.

Gavin "Javeen" Sass

Esports Coach, Connected Camps

I have played esports my whole life, starting when I first played StarCraft II at around 8 years old! My esports career has been an amazing journey that has taken me to the highest level of high school competition in League of Legends. The team I competed alongside during my time in high school won the national tournament two years in a row as well as an invitational by Riot games. Since then, I have become an high school esports coach so that I can continue to take part in the activity that has made me into the person I am today as well as act as a role model and positive influence for the youth of the gaming community.