Play Well. Be Well.
Scholastic Esports + Wellness

Middle & High School Track

10/08/20, 12:00PM - 12:30PM PT

About the Presentation

Getting good in the world of esports requires more than just practice and talent. Successful players know that the choices they make each day can make a play and win a game. The strength of student relationships, their ability to communicate and even a good night's sleep can make all the difference scholastic esports players need.

Laylah Bulman

Senior Program Officer, Samueli Foundation

Laylah Bulman is the enterprise director for LEGO Education and a LEAD STEM Fellow, responsible for LEGO Education’s STEM + CS efforts across Florida and the national STEM Learning Ecosystems. Most recently, she has launched the Florida Scholastic Esports League, an affiliate of the North American Scholastic Esports Federation, to expand opportunities in STEM careers through the ecosystems framework. She began her career in the US Embassy in Mexico City, working on science and environmental policy and then moved into K12, working as a teacher, administrator and STEM ecosystem partner, focusing on the effective implementation and sustainability of creative education technologies for classroom innovation. She is a Woodrow Wilson Fellow in Public and International Affairs and a graduate of The University of Virginia.

Kevin Brown

CTE Instructor, Mentor, Teacher
Orange County Department of Education &
North America Scholastic esports Federation

Kevin Brown is a licensed CTE instructor, mentor teacher and wears the mantle of “esports Program Specialist” in a joint position with the Orange County (CA) Department of Education and the North America Scholastic esports Federation (NASEF). As a life-long gamer, he sees his job as the perfect linkage between parents, educators and administrators, helping them cross the seemingly impossible divide between video game play and all of its inherent scholastic, health and social-emotional merits.

Haylesh Patel

Esports Exercise Physiologist, UCI Esports

Haylesh is the Esports Exercise Physiologist for UCI Esports. He is the driving force behind the health, wellness and performance program at UCI Esports for their scholarship players and support staff. Haylesh completed his Masters in Exercise Science at the University of Auckland, New Zealand and is a Registered Clinical Exercise Physiologist with the American College of Sports Medicine. Prior to transitioning into Esports Health and Performance at University of California, Irvine, he worked for +6 years in the clinical setting with private and hospital organizations. Throughout his career he has been fortunate to work with a wide range of individuals from working with the general public, high risk clinical populations through to elite athletes, helping them to improve their health and physical performance. Being an avid gamer throughout his life, he is very passionate about applying his skills and knowledge to the esports population, helping them to be successful both in game and out of game.