Minecraft: Education Edition: A New Opportunity for Esports in Education

Middle & High School Track

10/08/20, 10:30AM - 11:30AM PT

About the Presentation

Minecraft: Education Edition contains special affordances for purposes of teaching, from specialized blocks to enhanced multiplayer and a camera and student portfolio for assessment. Though unique among esports titles, its strength is that it gives students the opportunity to design, create, build, and code their own game experiences. So, as an opportunity to help educators and students interested in esports but not sure where to start, we introduced thirteen brand new Minecraft worlds and a supporting esports framework, to support competitive play in the classroom. An overview of the worlds and framework will be presented as well as early feedback from educators piloting esports in the classroom with Minecraft.

Brooke Haag, PhD

STEM Evangelist, Microsoft

Brooke brings extensive experience across research and education, from leading research projects at national labs to teaching students in a range of higher education settings, with a passion for the transformative power of good STEM education, now leveraging her classroom experience and strategic and technical problem solving skills to help Microsoft address the mission of empowering students in STEM to meet the challenges of education and employability in an increasingly complex world. Prior to joining Microsoft, Brooke was a community college physics professor and nuclear physicist doing research exploring properties of the quark-gluon plasma. She also worked as an instructional designer, deploying MOOCs around subjects ranging from Urban Planning to Systems Engineering in partnership with the MIT Office of Digital Learning.

Additional Authors

Catherine Morgan, Immersive Minds
Stephen Reid, Microsoft