Keeping it Comfy: Building Inclusive Gaming Communities

10/08/21, 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM PT

Johanna Brewer, PhD

Director of Research, AnyKey

Dr. Johanna Brewer is the Director of Research for AnyKey, a nonprofit advocating for diversity, inclusion, and equity in gaming and live streaming, and co-founder of Neta Snook, a research and design studio focused on empowering a diverse society. Johanna received a PhD in Informatics from UC Irvine for their work on the aesthetics of urban mobility and has authored numerous articles in leading human-computer interaction publications.

As a design activist who works to increase inclusion on media platforms, Johanna has founded several non-traditional tech companies including frestyl for live music discovery and Rhomby for anti-surveillance smart homes. They've previously held research positions at MIT, Intel, WBUR, ETH Zürich, Mass General Hospital, and Boston University.

Besides working for fun, Johanna makes and collects music, plays video games, juggles kendama, hacks and repairs electronics, walks long distances, weaves wampum, travels the world on public transport, does yoga, swims, tends their garden, and cooks lots of vegetarian food.