Keynote: Building A
Successful Esports Brand

10/09/20, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM PT

Tricia Sugita

CEO, FlyQuest

Tricia Sugita is the CEO of FlyQuest, one of the founding partners of Riot Games’ franchised LoL league, LCS. Sugita started her career in esports competing in and streaming StarCraft II, then interviewing and hosting major esports events. In 2014, she joined streaming platform as the Global Director of Esports, where she negotiated multi-million dollar contracts with broadcasting partners and increased web traffic to over 12 million unique monthly visitors. Then in 2017, she joined Immortals and LA Valiant as the Head of Partnerships, securing major partnerships from AEG Worldwide and Omen by HP.
Now at FlyQuest, she’s using her decade of industry experience to build out a new kind of esports organization that reflects her core values of kindness, grace, and strength. Sugita created and developed the company vision of “Showcase Greatness,” not only the belief that greatness already exists within everyone, but also a call-to-action for FlyQuest to help people find and showcase it.