Broadcasting Collegiate Esports

Collegiate Track

10/09/20, 2:00PM - 2:30PM PT

About the Presentation

"Any significantly advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."- Arthur C. Clark

For many, capturing, casting, and streaming games is a complex endeavor that requires knowledgeable staff and lots of capital to make it worthy of attention. The path to controlling your esports department's messaging and communication in not nearly as complex as it may seem and key to much of the sponsor and partner dollars needed to help an esports program thrive. Dr. Chris Haskell from Boise State peals back the layers and shares all of the methods and approaches to the more than 2,000 hours, millions of views, and millions of dollars brought in with this unit of the Boise State Esports program.

More than a description of equipment, Dr. Haskell identifies the methodology and workflows borrowed from many of the top professional esports broadcasting entities including Blizzard/Activation, Riot, and others. Touching on the importance of Visual Vocabulary, fundraising through broadcast inventory, and even REMI (remote broadcasting) approaches so critical in the post-COVID environment.

Chris "Doc" Haskell, Ed.D.

Clinical Associate Professor & Head Esports Coach, Boise State University

Dr. Haskell plays video games for a living, or at least that’s what his friends think. He's the Head Coach and Director of the Varsity eSports At Boise State, the 2020 Collegiate Esports Coach of the Year (NAECAD), and the 2020 Director of the Year (NACE). As a professor and researcher, "Doc" also focuses on the impact of video games, virtual worlds, and digital culture. When it comes to work, Dr. Haskell is serious about play. It’s no wonder his friends think he needs a real job.